Wellington to open nation’s first left-handed primary school in effort to boost creativity - Your News Bulletin
Friday 24 May 2:20am
Auckland: Max 23
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Friday 24 May 2:20am
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Wellington to open nation’s first left-handed primary school in effort to boost creativity
The unveiling that has divided academics and parents alike.
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24 May, 2024

Are we creative enough? Apparently not according to the country’s capital, as local councillors gathered to cut the ribbon of the nation’s first left-hand only school, St. Lefties Primary, this morning.

Celebrations at the opening were cut short and tensions came to a head when a small group of protesters, believed to be affiliated with the Righties Rights movement, started shouting abuse at councillors and tearing down barricades.

The 18-month project comes off the back of a controversial study claiming conclusive proof that left-handed people are more creative than right-handed people.

The study, conducted by extreme left-wing group Leftist is Bestist, has been condemned by early education experts who say it is ‘elitist’, ‘fraudulent’ and ‘just not right.’

Leftist is Bestist leader John Wilson wasted no time responding: ‘Of course it’s not right – it’s all left!’

The controversy hasn’t stopped the project getting the green light from Wellington Council which is optimistic that the social experiment could radically boost the city’s creative offering.
Due to a lack of resources, St. Lefties will only be able to enrol a maximum of 15 students. The only prerequisite is that pupils must be naturally left-handed.

Parents in the community are divided on the topic. Those with left-handed children seem to be open to the idea, while mother of five, Mary-Anne Guthrie, fears that her children are just being left out.

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