Unbelievable scientific breakthrough uncovers snakes in New Zealand! Have we been lied to? - Your News Bulletin
Friday 24 May 1:44am
Auckland: Max 23
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Friday 24 May 1:44am
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Unbelievable scientific breakthrough uncovers snakes in New Zealand! Have we been lied to?
The shock discovery that no one saw coming.
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3 Hours ago, updated 42 mins ago
24 May, 2024

MATAMATA – the discovery made by a construction worker has the local community searching for answers.

Digger operator Kevin Billington, 62, couldn’t believe his eyes after he unearthed the remains of what he suspects is a snake early on Tuesday morning.

‘You’re gonna find some strange stuff when you’re digging. It comes with the territory,’ said Billington. ‘I’ve seen my fair share of bones, even the odd coffin. But something told me this one was different.’

After realising what he had discovered, Billington and a few of his colleagues managed to carefully excavate the 80 centimetre skeleton from the site.

While some locals believe it’s likely the skeleton is in fact an eel that has been caught from a nearby river and discarded on the site, others aren’t so convinced.

One woman believed further investigation was required, saying, ‘Snakes have been around for ages, so it was only a matter of time before we found them here’.

Home to the fabled Hobbiton, Matamata is no stranger to the limelight. With the latest discovery bringing hordes of attention to the small town, eager residents are already looking to capitalise on the potential economic opportunity.

‘Snakes and Hobbits, what more could you want?’ said one guy.

Well then – does New Zealand have snakes? Will Matamata finally have a new tourist attraction? Is this just a stupid fake news article? These are the questions. You decide.

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