New miracle weight-loss Jet Planes are soaring off the shelves. - Your News Bulletin
Thursday 23 May 11:59pm
Auckland: Max 23
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Thursday 23 May 11:59pm
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New miracle weight-loss Jet Planes are soaring off the shelves.
A ground-breaking new fat-burning miracle
By Admin
4 Hours ago, updated 14 mins ago
23 May, 2024

A ground-breaking new fat-burning miracle has just been discovered! @Ripped_Ricky is the man behind the trend making waves around the world after he posted his impressive before and after transformation on Instagram while in lockdown. He had been consuming large amounts of a special kind of sugary treat — Ripped Ricky’s Jet Planes!

In just TWO short weeks, @Ripped_Ricky was showing signs of significant body composition changes with a noticeable increase in fat loss. After three weeks he had an impressive six pack and was by all accounts ‘pretty shredded.’ Jet Planes have since been hailed as the new miraculous shredding snack, with millions of his followers hastily buying up as many packets of Jet Planes as possible.

Get a full year’s worth of Jet Planes with this one-off special deal (TODAY only!) *Bulkberry flavour not included.

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