Atlantis-like structure discovered beneath Lake Taupō. - Your News Bulletin
Tuesday 18 Jun 6:47am
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Tuesday 18 Jun 6:47am
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Atlantis-like structure discovered beneath Lake Taupō.
Ancient temple discovered in the depths of New Zealand’s largest lake.
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18 June, 2024

A local Cantabrian couple have discovered what experts have described as an ‘Atlantis-like structure’ resting 30 metres below the surface of Lake Taupō in the South Island.

Brendon and Shelly Watson were taking their regular Sunday dip when the unexpected happened.

‘I felt something prod me in the backside’, said Brendon, ‘at first, I thought it was a sunken boat.’ After inspecting a little further, the two quickly realised that whatever they’d swam into was much bigger than a boat and they alerted authorities as soon as they got to shore.

It’s unclear what the structure is, however, experts at the scene believe it could be the remnants of a temple.

People in the southern town of Taupō are astounded by the finding and excited for the investigation to continue.

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