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  • Unbelievable scientific breakthrough uncovers snakes in New Zealand! Have we been lied to?

    The shock discovery that no one saw coming.

  • Wellington to open nation’s first left-handed primary school in effort to boost creativity

    The unveiling that has divided academics and parents alike.

  • New miracle weight-loss Jet Planes are soaring off the shelves.

    A ground-breaking new fat-burning miracle

  • Conclusive proof that the human body is not designed for exercise.

    Netflix addicts rejoice!

  • Atlantis-like structure discovered beneath Lake Taupō.

    Ancient temple discovered in the depths of New Zealand’s largest lake.

Can you beat fake news at its own game?

About one third of Kiwis have shared fake news by accident.
That’s why it’s important to be able to separate the facts from the fakes.

This online trainer will help you recognise fake news before you share it by mistake.

The Campaign

More and more Kiwis are experiencing – and being exposed to – fake news according to Netsafe’s latest research.

Almost one third of us have accidentally shared fake news stories or inaccurate information with others and one in five have shared a story after only reading the headline.

People spreading false and misleading information is not a new phenomenon, what is new is how easy it has become for anyone to publish and share information to a global audience.

Eight in 10 Kiwis recall having seen fake news on social media, 52 percent have seen it on New Zealand online news sites, 40 percent in print newspapers and one in three think they have seen it on local television.

It can be hard to spot misinformation which is why Your News Bulletin has been created by Netsafe and Facebook to help people identify fake news. We’re encouraging you to test your fake news knowledge with our interactive online trainer and use the information and educational resources we’ve put together to spot misinformation.

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Educational resources

Need to check something?
Here’s a list of handy resources to point you in the right direction.

Will you fall for fake news?

Ask more questions, get better answers and beware before you share.

For more information on online safety head to www.netsafe.org.nz